We know that small to medium businesses often have a hard time adapting to new technology because of the huge risk that comes with owning your own business. You’ve put a lot of time, money, and effort into this company, and risking it all by going all in with new technology can be scary. It can also be very rewarding. The Cloud can be a great tool for small to medium businesses. Keeping your important data in the Cloud means more space in your office, a backup if there is a natural disaster, and the ability to share files easily.


  • Save Money.  The biggest appeal to cloud computing is that it allows businesses to do more for less. You can sign up for cloud services and skip out on the major expense of having to add new servers and other hardware to your IT infrastructure. Some businesses enjoy the services of the cloud so much that they will even build their own cloud infrastructure. While an in-house cloud does come with its own set of benefits, the fact that you can take advantage of every cloud service by outsourcing computing resources from a third party will save you the cost, time, and maintenance associated with hosting everything in-house.
  • Security.  While no cloud security solution is impenetrable, the security provided by cloud providers to protect your data comes pretty close. Providing top-notch security is a primary goal for every cloud service provider. Many cloud companies store information in data centers that have better security than your local bank. The larger cloud companies will even have multiple data centers that will redundantly backup your data to different locations. The entire cloud computing business model is centered on keeping data secure; if businesses did not trust cloud companies with their information, then the whole cloud revolution would dissipate.
  • Reliability.  One aspect that makes cloud computing so popular is the fact that cloud services are extremely reliable. The alternative to using cloud services is to host all of your backup needs and applications in-house. You may have a sharp IT team to service your network infrastructure, but even your dedicated IT team has to go home at the end of the day, take vacations, and battle the occasional flu virus. Cloud computing companies serve the needs of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of businesses just like you, many from all over the world. Cloud service companies are ready for anything and promise uptimes in the 95-99% range. Cloud service providers also have support staff standing by around the clock to quickly assist you with any problems.

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